Netfarm S.r.l. is an IT company that creates a wide variety of software solutions for companies and individuals.

In our running collaborations, we help them choosing and implementing the right tools to perform complex geometric operations, as well as integrating complex visualization techniques in their software solutions.

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Quipu S.r.l. builds innovative solutions in medical ultrasound.

We developed for them a multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) application for real-time display and analysis of live video streams from stored media or external devices, featuring a clean interface and a complex database for study and patients management.

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rdGizmo For You LTD produces and sells professional 3D printers.

We helped them in their business by creating a competitive end-user application for their Ilios 3D range of printers that manages the entire printing process, from the user-friendly placement of the input 3D model, to fast automatic slicing, shell creation, and printer unit control and maneuvering.

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Sardegna Ricerche is the Sardinian agency for Research and Technology Development.

Thanks to our expertise in 3D reconstruction, we built a multi-user platform for reconstructing real world scenery from 3D scanner data and from photographs, featuring data alignment, fusion, mesh generation, georeferentiation, and complex measuring tools.

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Vae Victis S.r.l. is an independent game development studio.

We used our experience in real-time graphics to analyze the cost of adopting forward or deferred rendering engines in their architecture, as well as for developing a large-scale shadowing system.

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