Navionics S.p.A. is the world leader in marine electronic charts.

Their position is the consequence of having a huge amount of data that cover almost the whole Earth surface, both inland and, most importantly, water bodies, and that undergo frequent enrichment and update processes, allowing them to produce the most accurate and fresh electronic maps for marine navigation.

By taking advantage of our expertise in 3D reconstruction and parallel computing, we helped them by developing a software system able to generate a seamless representation of the Earth surface from vectorial data (e.g., bathymetric isolines), raster elevation maps (e.g., Digital Elevation Models, or DEMs), 3D scanned range maps (e.g., LiDAR data), and user-generated sonar logs. Not only was this system the most reliable and accurate one they ever had, but it also featured:

  • a multiresolution representation flexible enough to allow frequent updates and able to retain detail where detail exists, thus saving costs for space and time
  • a processing speed on average twenty times (20X) faster than existing solutions, allowing Navionics to create responsive production processes and new products that were unthinkable before

Also, we created a spin-off of this system able to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, that let sailors use the live stream of data coming from their boat-mounted sonar to generate and visualize, in real-time, bathymetric maps of the seabed underneath. This product, SonarChart™ Live, resulted in Navionics winning the Miami Boat Show Innovation Award for 2015.