Quipu S.r.l. builds innovative solutions in medical ultrasound.

Thanks to their algorithms for real-time analysis of ultrasound imagery, Quipu is among the world leaders in pathology assessment for the carotid and the brachial artery.

We helped them reach a wider market by developing a multiplatform (i.e., for the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems) plug-in-based application, the Cardiovascular Suite, that incorporates their video analysis algorithms.

Equipped with a clean and customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI), in addition to complex database operations for managing patients, operators and studies, the Suite flawlessly handles video playback from DICOM or other video formats commonly used in the medical field, as well as live video streams from different echographs.

Apart from the functionalities and the smooth interface, the ability to work in the same way in both the Windows and the Map platforms makes Quipu Cardiovascular Suite one of the very few professional multiplatform medical software available worldwide.