rdGizmo For You LTD

rdGizmo For You LTD produces and sells professional 3D printers.

The collaboration between TnL and rdGizmo For You began in May 2015, when TnL was asked to build a software specifically created for Ilios printers. Thanks to this software it is possible to upload, edit and prepare already existing 3d-printable models and adjust the settings according to the printer currently used.

TnL created the Ilios 3D Suite, the software bundled with Ilios printers: the intuitive front-end workbench not only does allow you to move, scale, rotate the model like most 3D modeling software, but it is specifically conceived for Ilios 3D printers. This means you can select the printer model, material and specific features of the selected printer. The software also indicates approximate material usage and estimated printing time, which is one of the most helpful characteristic for 3D printers experts.

Here are some of the features that make this software exceptional:

  • Fast and easy 3D model visualization
  • Flawless processing of complex 3D models
  • Quick slice creation for printing
  • Water-tight 3D models
  • Shell creation feature for models with no wall thickness

With our experience in programming the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and in using the most efficient and widespread Graphics Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) like OpenGL, the Ilios 3D Suite guarantees users a smooth interaction while preparing the print even with 3D models with millions of triangles, as well as reducing the session completion time by offering one among the fastest slicing algorithms available.