Sardegna Ricerche is the Sardinian agency for Research and Technology Development.

To promote innovation, Sardegna Ricerche issues public calls for tenders in a large variety of fields.
To cope with the rapidly growing interest in 3D reconstruction of real world scenery, they called for a specific tender aimed at developing a client-server platform for reconstructing 3D models from 3D scanner data or from photographs. The tender also required the applicant to offer a series of live face-to-face lessons on the subject to the 10 Companies to which the software was addressed.

We applied and won the tender, resulting in the development and the deployment of the web application, named Ruju, that delegated the whole processing to the server while allowing registered users to use a standard web browser to issue commands and visualize the 3D data.

Besides having a modular architecture for easy extension, the Ruju platform features:

  • Multiuser system with private workspaces
  • Efficient real-time WebGL rendering in web browsers
  • Metric and statistical measuring tools
  • Rough, fine, and global optimized alignment of point clouds and range maps
  • Point cloud and range map fusion and mesh generation
  • Mesh generation from photographs
  • Geolocalization of the produced 3D scene from Ground Control Points in photographs

Other than exposing an effective solution for photogrammetry, we also organized and iterated several times a 40-hour course with face-to-face lessons about general 3D topics and with specific practical lessons with the new Ruju platform at hand.